Myth World Cup Returns in 2019 for the 21st Annual Gathering of Myth players

MWC2019 is a team based tournament played on Myth II Soulblighter. The target team size for each game is a maximum of 8 players per team and a minimum of 3 players. Matches will take place once a week per team. The first week of play begins Friday July 19.

MWC2019 is a three stage tournament: Qualifying Rounds, Double Elimination Rounds, and the Grand Finals. Results of the QRs determine the seeding of the double elimination bracket, and the results of the double elimination bracket determine the two Grand Finalists.

After all Double Elimination rounds have concluded, two teams will remain standing in the tournament: the Top Bracket Champions, and the Bottom Bracket Challengers. The winners of the Top Bracket have gone through the entire DE round without losing a single match; the Bottom Bracket winners have lost only one match. These two teams will face off in a 7-game Grand Final series, for the Myth World Cup XXI MMXVIV title.