After 3 Weeks, the QR Concludes… The Main Stage is set, best of luck to all participants!

August 26


The double elimination bracket of MWC2018, featuring QR Results and previous MWC Champion teams!

Ok ladies and ghôls, we have the Qualifying Rounds of MWC2018 coming to a close. We had some great games and some wash games, here we are approaching the last few weeks of MWC before we wrap this up and move onto the draft tournament as well as Myth in 2019.


We’re going to spice things up in the DE. Originally in the rules, teams were intended to lock their rosters on DE1 and ride off in the sunset whether it was two, three or four weeks remaining. Instead the committee has decided there is significant value in the captains being able to maintain their teams, especially in the event that some teams end up with 5 or less players for a match. There will be no roster lock during the Double Elimination rounds.

When the double elimination bracket begins Sept 1st/2nd, the 7th and 8th seeded teams, LH and BK respectively, will be delegated to the bottom bracket. They will play each other in Double Elimination Round 1, but the loss of a match will not count towards an elimination match in the DE Rounds. Furthermore, the 1st and 2nd seeded teams, NP and MK, will be scheduled to play each other in Double Elimination Round 1. A loss in this match will not count towards an elimination match in the DE Rounds.

After DE1 we will be in the later half of the tournament. Big thanks to all of the organizers and participants involved with the task that is MWC, especially those willing to step up to the cause of various roles in the Myth Community. I hope you enjoy the games yet to come, if you have any questions be sure to leave a post or comment in the MWC Discord and Forums.

May the best team of MWC18 Win.

  • Paris

You may have heard, MWC is back for its 20th anniversary…

And it’s all being organized here!

Don’t worry, there is room on the registered teams for you. Ask around at the MWCXX chatroom on Discord:

Of course, if you have the guts and or disgust for the other teams, you can start your own… You only need a captain and 5 friends!

Compete for honor, bragging rights and cool nostalgia!

Join today, or tomorrow, but don’t wait too long, there may not be enough turnip soup left after these hungry brigands are through.


The MWC Committee

Bread crumbs!

Myth World Cup returns in 2018 for its 20th annual gathering of Myth players

MWC2018 is a team based tournament played on Myth II Soulblighter. The target team size for each game is a maximum of 7 players per team and a minimum of 3 players. Matches will take place once a week per team. The first week of play begins Friday August 10.

MWC2018 is a three stage tournament: Qualifying Rounds, Double Elimination Rounds, and the Grand Finals. Results of the QRs determine the seeding of the double elimination bracket, and the results of the double elimination bracket determine the two Grand Finalists (likely Sept 29/30).

After all Double Elimination rounds have concluded, two teams will remain standing in the tournament: the Top Bracket Champions, and the Bottom Bracket Challengers. The winners of the Top Bracket have gone through the entire DE round without losing a single match; the Bottom Bracket winners have lost only one match. These two teams will face off in a 7-game Grand Final series, for the Myth World Cup MMXVIII title.

The World Cup

A message appeared in the town square last night. The World Cup. A tournament of champions, a tradition not seen since the Second Great War. I dispatched some of the men to investigate who was responsible for its posting, but as of this evening no clues had been uncovered.

Since our garrison I’ve not seen such vigor in the people of Otter Ferry. The message and its contents were the topic of every conversation, regardless the participants’ ages or standing in the town. For common folk, feats of strength and strategy often leave behind scorched earth and dead relatives in their wake.

We are now 8 months into our patrol of the lands surrounding Madrigal. Recent months filled with marching and drilling from sun up to sun down. A small skirmish with a band of brigades around Willow was the only exception. No signs of the Fallen or their minions.

Endless repetition has grown on the men, stretching patience and temperament. Their hunger for battle grows with each day. Many see this tournament as reprieve from months like these. They should be thankful, all were too young to remember the horrors of the last real War. I pray this tournament, and the inevitable exodus from the Legion that comes with it, are not paired with a resurgence of the Fallen.