MWC2018 Tournament Rules

MWC2018 is a team based tournament played on Myth II Soulblighter. The target team size for each game is a maximum of 7 players per team and a minimum of 3 players, leaving room for neutral hosts and streamers.

MWC2018 is a three stage tournament: Qualifying Rounds, Double Elimination Rounds, and the Grand Finals. Results of the QRs determine the seeding of the double elimination bracket, and the results of the double elimination bracket determine the two Grand Finalists.

After all Double Elimination rounds have concluded, two teams will remain standing in the tournament: the Top Bracket Champions, and the Bottom Bracket Challengers. The winners of the Top Bracket have gone through the entire DE round without losing a single match; the Bottom Bracket winners have lost only one match. These two teams will face off in a 7-game Grand Final series, for the Myth World Cup glory.

If the Top Bracket Champions win the 7-game series, play concludes and the Champions are named the undefeated winners of the Myth World Cup. However, should the Challengers win the 7-game series, the Champions will, metaphorically speaking, be immediately relegated to the Bottom Bracket. Both the Champions and Challengers now have one match loss on their record, and play continues into Sudden Death overtime.

Sudden Death is quite simple: teams will take turns choosing previous MWC2018 maps to play, until one team has won two games in a row. Ties do not count, but do not interrupt a streak. For instance, tie-win is NOT a victory, but win-tie-win counts as two wins in a row and IS a victory.


To register your team for MWC18, set up your profile at: Then, create your team at: If are having technical issues and would like to register through discord, a captain must list his players with his userID’s in the roster channel of the MWC discord (Link at the bottom of this page).

To qualify, there must be minimum of 6 players registered to a team and select a time zone; the maximum number of players allowed on a roster depends on point values assigned to each player, where no team may exceed 25 points. The player who registers the team becomes that team’s “Captain”. Captains are allowed to add and remove players any amount of times throughout QR and DE matches, as long as that player has not played for another team that round.

Please note that at no time may a player play for more than one team each week, or on an account that does not belong to him. Any player who is found to be playing for more than one team in a week will be ejected from the tournament, effective immediately. Should the same player be caught playing in the tournament after his ejection, any teams he played for (post-ejection) will be removed from the tournament.


Matches will take place once a week per team. The first week of play begins August 11th. Registration ends before the first QR round. Teams who show with less than 3 players are commissioned to forfeit their right to victory over their opponents for that specific match on that specific day, unless the captain with more than 3 agrees to play on.

Each week, teams will be required to play their matches by a specific “fallback” time, determined by each team’s declared region and to be used if you cannot come to an agreement. Captains can always try and schedule an alternate time that works for their team in the Discord channel; these times are still fallback times and to be used if you cannot come to an agreement.

Consider the best options for your team carefully, as this option will be locked shortly after the tournament begins.

If you choose America…
…and you play a team from America: Sunday, 3pm CDT
…and you play a team from Europe: Sunday, 2pm CDT
…and you play a team from Japan/Australia: Saturday, 6pm CDT

If you choose Europe…
…and you play a team from America: Sunday, 2pm CDT
…and you play a team from Europe: Sunday, 12pm CDT (noon)
…and you play a team from Japan/Australia: Sunday, 7am CDT

If you choose Japan/Australia…
…and you play a team from America: Saturday, 6pm CDT
…and you play a team from Europe: Sunday, 7am CDT
…and you play a team from Japan/Australia: Saturday, 9am CDT


Games will be played in Tournament rooms (Phelot and The Head) only,  and there are no guest accounts allowed.

Before each game, the two teams will need to decide on a host. This can be done in a number of ways, usually the host who has the best ping to the most people is chosen. If neither team possesses such a host, a neutral host will be permitted.

If the two teams cannot agree on a host, the high seed will be allowed to choose the host for all odd games, e.g. 1, 3, and 5 in a five game match. The low seed will choose the host for the even games. During the first round of QR, choose a random process to determine who will act as “high seed”. For instance, play paper, rock, scissors through a neutral party.

If the other team chooses a host that is terrible for everyone, find an MWC official to settle the matter. We encourage teams to play on the best hosts available, to keep the fun and competition at a maximum.

Playing the Games

Each team may have 7 players in a game at one time. Not on a team, but in the game – teams may not have an 8th player as a “neutral observer” unless he is the host, or the other team agrees. Players may 8v8 as long as all the players are on the respective roster for their team and both captains agree.

Also, do not load more than 7 players into a game while you wait for your team captain to choose his seven for that game. It’s rude, annoying, and it keeps the other team from being able to have all their members present. Please choose your team’s players either during practices, or in the lobby before the game.

If one team has 7 players and another team only has 4 players, the team with more players can not be forced to bench, and will not be penalised for having good attendance. Games will continue as a 7v4 (unless both captains want to bench a player or play with more).

After a match ends, the winning team will be responsible for posting links to the games played on the forums.


Threat Assessments for new or returning players who have not been rated will be opened up to the public. If there are time constraints, the committee will assign a rating to the player through internal discussion. New players should announce themselves as free agents in the #freeagents channel on the official MWC Discord server.


If, during the course of your match, there is a dispute over the rules, please find an MWC official immediately! If you cannot locate an official, try sending a message to the MWC discord: or send an email to, these methods go to several people so someone should see it before too long. If there are no TO’s present, screenshot all relevant information and post to the discord or forum for assistance.

If worse comes to worst, replay any games in question, and clearly mark the replay when you upload films. An official will hear arguments at a later date and make a determination.


In the Qualifying Round, ties need not be settled and so nothing will be done about them.

In the Double Elimination ladder, all ties must be settled.

If the score of the match is tied, then the tiebreaker map should be played to determine the winner. The tiebreaker is Territories, If I Had a Trow…, 12 minutes. If you have any doubt about whether the match ended in a tie, play the tiebreaker and include it with the films. A determination will be made later.


Any team that does not have at least three players on Gateofstorms at their designated match time will receive a forfeit loss. If neither team has enough players show up to play, or no films are received for the match, it will be recorded as a double-forfeit, and both teams will receive a penalty.

If your team receives a forfeit, you will receive maximum reasonable points for the match. A forfeiting team will receive a maximum reasonable loss. We strongly encourage you not to give up during the QR! Even if you expect to lose a match, if you can earn a tie or a win and improve your seed, it could mean the difference between facing a team you can beat and one you can’t.

In addition, if you forfeit twice, or in the first week of QR and no one has heard from you, you will be permanently removed from the tournament, and forfeit the rest of your matches.

In the DE, since only match wins matter, a forfeit will count as a win for the team that was forfeited to, and a loss for the team that forfeited.

Substitute Players

There will be no substitute players in this tournament. During the tournament, unlimited roster changes are allowed, so long as a player plays only on one team per week. Roster changes can only occur:

  • If the total team points are under the 25 limit
  • If the added players did not play on another team in the same round
  • If the added players are not on another team’s roster

Pre-Game Delays

All matches must be started by twenty minutes after the predetermined match time. If one team fails to show or check in beyond this limit, an MWC official may be called in to take note of a game forfeited. Each additional twenty minutes will result in one more game forfeited.

Similarly, all subsequent games must be started within five minutes of the previous one, or an MWC official may be called in to take down a forfeit.

Of course, if neither team has a problem with the delay, no action is necessary.

Drops and Replays

Each team will be allowed one free restart per match if a team captain or a player drops during the first 2 minutes of play (after PT). If that team loses players any time during the rest of the match, play must proceed unless both teams agree to restart a game.

If an entire team, or all but one player, drops or goes OOS, and at least two members of the opposing team drop or go OOS as well, the game will be replayed, unless there was a clear winner (ask an official). This replay does not count as either team’s one allowed restart.

If an entire team drops out of the game and has already used their replay, the dropping team will receive a loss. Naturally if both teams have agreed to drop (for a replay, etc), this rule does not apply.

If a host drops a game, the game will have to be replayed, unless both teams, or an MWC official agrees that there would have been a definite winner in the dropped game. If the host was playing, or associated with one of the teams, use a different host for the rest of the match.

If there is a dispute over whether or not a game should be replayed, replay it anyway and send all applicable films to the MWC staff. Please make sure that you label replays, so that we can determine which game should count.

Uncontestable Balls, Infinite contest, etc…

A ball is uncontestable if and only if it cannot be tagged by some unit available on the map walking up to it. It is uncontestable even if there is an artillery unit available which can blast it down. However, if it is on a hill where only soulless or spiders can walk (float) up and tag it, it is contestable. If a ball is made uncontestable, that team will have 60 seconds to blast it back into contestable range. If they do not, it will automatically belong to the other team, but cannot be used for instant victory. For instance, if a team has 5 of 6 balls and the last is uncontestable, the game must continue anyway.

If a ball is pushed off mesh or to a place where it disappears from the overhead map, it is also counted as uncontestable, even if you could walk up to it and tag it (when you manage to find it).

In allied games, it is not permitted to contest your ally’s flags or balls in order to extend sudden death. If this occurs, the game will be scored as it was before the extension began.

If a ball or flag is contested by two opposing teams in sudden death for more than 5 minutes (or if you know it will be), it will be considered out of play, and neither team will receive points for it. Both teams should evacuate contesting range at the appointed time.


Keep in touch with the recent developments at the Official MWC Discord here: