After 3 Weeks, the QR Concludes… The Main Stage is set, best of luck to all participants!

August 26


The double elimination bracket of MWC2018, featuring QR Results and previous MWC Champion teams!

Ok ladies and ghôls, we have the Qualifying Rounds of MWC2018 coming to a close. We had some great games and some wash games, here we are approaching the last few weeks of MWC before we wrap this up and move onto the draft tournament as well as Myth in 2019.


We’re going to spice things up in the DE. Originally in the rules, teams were intended to lock their rosters on DE1 and ride off in the sunset whether it was two, three or four weeks remaining. Instead the committee has decided there is significant value in the captains being able to maintain their teams, especially in the event that some teams end up with 5 or less players for a match. There will be no roster lock during the Double Elimination rounds.

When the double elimination bracket begins Sept 1st/2nd, the 7th and 8th seeded teams, LH and BK respectively, will be delegated to the bottom bracket. They will play each other in Double Elimination Round 1, but the loss of a match will not count towards an elimination match in the DE Rounds. Furthermore, the 1st and 2nd seeded teams, NP and MK, will be scheduled to play each other in Double Elimination Round 1. A loss in this match will not count towards an elimination match in the DE Rounds.

After DE1 we will be in the later half of the tournament. Big thanks to all of the organizers and participants involved with the task that is MWC, especially those willing to step up to the cause of various roles in the Myth Community. I hope you enjoy the games yet to come, if you have any questions be sure to leave a post or comment in the MWC Discord and Forums.

May the best team of MWC18 Win.

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